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Project Description
An attempt to leverage the Kinect in NUI for an interactive, metro-styled info-display with live-tiles (ala Windows Phone).

It was originally a Carnegie Mellon University Information Systems Capstone project, and has since evolved into a public contribution. We hope the world will build new and exciting info-displays on top of this platform.

Video of implementation:

Project history:

Original team:

  • Miki Bentz
  • Shruti Kataria
  • Harold Kim
  • Vivek Pai
  • Dr. Raja Sooriamurthi (advisor)
  • Brian Yee

NOTE: There are two projects in the repository: TeuduPrototype and Teudu.InfoDisplay. TeuduPrototype was the early prototype project that was used to explore the domain. Teudu.InfoDisplay is the real, working project. We are working on getting rid of the prototype project to eliminate any confusion.



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