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There are two mechanisms for inputing data into the System.
Web and File.

Changing modes
You can change the System's mode through app.config:
<add key="SourceService" value="File"/>
<add key="SourceService" value="Web"/>

File Mode
If the System is set to input data from a file, then the application will look for an events.xml file in the application's root directory (the release or debug folders, e.g). It will also look for corresponding images in the application's Cached Image Directory (see below).

Web Mode
If the System is set to input data from the web, it will download data from the xml page defined by:
<add key="EventsServiceURI" value=""/> in app.config (in this case, the data will come from events.xml from the domain

<add key="EventsServiceImageRoot" value=""/> defines the URI root of any image references made in the events.xml page.

Cached Image Directory
Event posters and images used by the data in the System will be stored locally in a directory under the application root. This directory is defined by:
<add key="CachedImageDirectory" value="image_stash"/> in app.config.

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